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CJ Hamilton

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CJ Hamilton is a young rising pop artist. Loves popular songs and he likes to show his ability as a dancer, in order to promote his video clips.

Working hard to give the best of himself to the people around him.

His pop video clips are displayed on his site in different pages.

You can also follow CJ’s youtube channel if you like his songs.

CJ Hamilton
CJ HamiltonPop Music
Hi, my name is Joshua, I love Pop Music.
I’d like to talk about music with people.

Pop Music

I love Pop Music.

Follow news about it.

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Talking about some of the most popular Pop star.

CJ’s loves music and all his different genre!

Follow us on the site and look for CJ’s next songs!

Thanks and see you later!

Musica Pop ore 13.00 27 Febbraio 2017

Is She looking for somthing? Did She found something?

She’s looking at new CJ’s single, Message Me.

Found it on other site pages of the young Pop Singer.

CJ Hamilton Pop Singer and his popular Music.

Likes to follow the most popular popstar way.

You can ear his sonsg on oue video clip page, if you like my pop music share it on social networks.

CJ Hamilton
Pop Music
CJ Hamilton