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CJ Hamilton present: Message Me the young pop singer new single!

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Dance Music (Musica Dance)

CJ Hamilton is a young Pop Dance, Rising Star bringing you a ton of fun with his new video. It’s and adventure with

lots of different people and places partying the whole time. Come and join him.

CJ Hamilton Musica Dance,the second of five brothers was born Joshua Consigli on December 1st 1995 in Milan Italy to an Italian father and a mother from New York.

At the age of four he started dance studies at the Bendy Dance Center under the watchful eyes of choreographer/BBC producer Ben Johnson and his wife Wendy Lynton. CJ attended classes at the Broadway Dance Center in NY, master classes with Derek Hartley of Pineapple Performing Arts,London and has studied with Horace Turnbull , professor/ choreographer at Alvin Ailey and choreographer for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes in NY.

CJ’s interests have always included art and music.In 2012 CJ was a featured dancer in shows at the Almond Resorts in Barbados.There he met Derek Wilkie owner of CRS music,who,encouraged CJ, young pop singer to record his musical hits ideas in estate.Since then CJ has travelled between Italy and Barbados frequenting the CRS recording studio and Bunker Agosta studio where he co-writes songs and participates in production.He hones his craft at the Massive Arts School in Milan where he studies piano/guitar and musica dance production.

Take to Flight was written by CJ, Mark Cyrus.Alexandra Consigli and Papa Winnie in Barbados and produced by Paolo Agosta in Milan.

Hope to reach the pages of Hamilton Music Awards. New Hits for the “estate”

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